Reddit ties up with Oracle to bolster brand safety

Reddit has collaborated with Oracle Data Cloud to provide new brand safety controls for advertisers around a real-time feed of user-generated content. Leveraging Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence technology, the integration will provide real-time content review and classification across industry-standard brand safety categories. This ultimately aims to give advertisers control over where, and around what content, their campaigns run.

According to the press release, user-generated content has presented a challenge for brand safety services, as several third-party solutions do not accurately describe or categorise the scope and scale of dynamic content online. As such, Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence integration with Reddit is said to be a solution designed for user-generated content that looks for specific terms but also for the context in which they are used. Through this, it looks to help advertisers place their ads in safe and brand-appropriate contexts on the Reddit platform.

Kurt Kratchman, group vice president for product development and international, Oracle Data Cloud said with Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence deployed across the majority of the addressable footprint of the open web, the collaboration with Reddit serves as a natural extension into the user-generated content space, as the team helps advertisers ensure their advertising strengthens their brands.

“Given the tremendous volume and dynamic nature of content across the Reddit platform, Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence will offer the ideal solution to provide real-time brand safety for Reddit advertisers,” he added.

Meanwhile, Jen Wong, Reddit’s chief operating officer said the company's current approach to brand safety includes effective moderation at the platform, community and campaign levels. However with Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence, the team will be able to offer another layer of brand safety that’s third-party verified and customised for Reddit’s engagement.

"Among Reddit’s strongest propositions for advertisers is the depth and authenticity of conversations across thousands of interest-based communities. Our work with Oracle will be the first time a user-generated content platform has embarked on a verified brand safety solution for custom feeds, and we're excited to evolve the product and relationship to meet the demands of the market," she added.

(Photo courtesy: 123RF)