New proposed bill plans to offer free wi-fi in NCR

Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto has a filed a bill to turn the National Capital Region (NCR) as a free wi-fi zone in a bid to democratize internet access.

Senate Bill No. 2232, filed Thursday, seeks to provide free public wireless Internet access in all government buildings, parks, bus terminal and national roads in the capital.

Recto (pictured) explains that free internet “will ensure that the populace-beginning in the capital-will be equipped with and honed to using key faculties needed to build an innovative, progressive, and rapidly digitizing economy.”

Free internet access in NCR undoubtedly opens better opportunities for brands from entrepreneurs to multinationals to reach a whopping P11.8 million people who live in the area. The project will also be a huge boost for the lucky telco who will provide the internet service.

“Similar to the relevance of roads and bridges in stimulating economic activity and in fuelling the Philippine economy, so too is the effect of a broadband infrastructure. Connectivity to the Internet will enhance business growth opportunities and will assure citizens in NCR ease of sourcing timely information at the click of a button,” he adds.

Research companies will also find free internet access in the capital invaluable for tracking consumer behavior in real-time, ultimately leading to more accurate data for agencies and businesses to use.

Below is a list of areas where free internet access will be provided as proposed by Recto’s bill:

  • All national and local government offices;
  • Public health center and hospitals;
  • Public elementary and high schools; and state colleges and universities;
  • Public parks;
  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Terminals I, II, III, and IV)
  • Public libraries;
  • Tollways and Expressways (North Luzon Expressway, South Luzon Expressway, Metro Manila Skyway, and Manila-Cavite Expressway;
  • Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) and other national roads;
  • Public Transport terminals;
  • Port of Manila; and
  • Rail Transit Stations (LRT Line 1, LRT Line 2, MRT Line 2, MRT Line 3 and PNP Southrail)

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