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Reality show Fit for Fashion down to final 4

The second season of Fit for Fashion, the first ever reality TV show to bring fashion and fitness together, is down to their final episode, where the top four finalists will compete for the top prize.

Brought together by fitness brand Fitness First and leading international TV production company Imagine Group, Fit for Fashion sees Asia Pacific’s leading online fashion brand, ZALORA, as its co-sponsor in this second season.

Over the course of nine weeks, Sam Gaskin, 31; Jess Punch, 26; Kyle Ramirez, 22; and Jackie Zapata, 32, have gone through the challenges set by internationally acclaimed fashion personalities Louise Roe and Todd Anthony Tyler, as well as international fitness trainers Christine Bullock and Mitch Chilson.

The show initially started with 14 men and women from Asia and around the world, prepared to be pushed to their mental and physical limits in order to reach new heights.

“I have seen contestants transform and blossom into fit, confident and stylish individuals during the course of challenges set for them. Despite the hurdles faced, all remained single-minded in their pursuit of changing for the better; physically and mentally, and I am confident viewers will be encouraged and motivated by their determination to start their own ‘How Do I Get Here’ journey,” Louise Roe, co-judge and host of the show, said.

All contestants underwent a comprehensive Fitness First BioScore assessment in order to measure their initial fitness levels to compare their biological age with their actual age. The assessment was used throughout the season to gauge the physical transformations of the contestants.

Among the four, Gaskin has made the largest transformation, shaving eight years off his original BioScore, although he is still one year more than his actual age. Zapata came in as a close second, shaving off seven years, with her BioScore of -2 years compared to her actual age.

Ramirez and Punch saw a six and four year reduction in their BioScores respectively, both ending up with a final score of -2 years.

Mitch Chilson, celebrity trainer and judge for the show, applauded the finalists’ impressive transformations: “They embraced their past and desire to be better people and applied all the training philosophy we shared with them to get where they want to be – beautiful, memorable, limitless and deserving individuals!”

“Honestly, after the first week I was kind of worried if I would be able to make it to the final, but I have always been one to give one hundred percent to whatever my goal may be and this experience is no different. If I’m doing something, then I will do it properly and with my whole heart,” said Sam, in reflection of his achievement throughout the show.

Fellow finalist Jess reflected on how she has grown through the experience: “Seeing how strong and fast the other contestants were was intimidating in the beginning, but I turned that into admiration. I thought it’s not about what you can already do, it’s about pushing your limits and overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

Filipino contestant Kyle found his motivation from celebrity trainer Chilson. “Mitch said I was ‘all show no go’ which was kind of humiliating to be honest. This made me ramp up my efforts, to prove him – and everyone – else wrong. I wanted to carry the Filipino spirit into the fight. The spirit of perseverance and never backing down,” Kyle said.

Last but not least, finalist Jackie also highlighted her turning point in the show, ““That moment came during the fashion challenge in episode six. The brief called for me to model in a bathing suit, something I had never felt comfortable doing or ever done before. It was at this point I saw the impact of my hard work over the past weeks. I gladly embraced the new body underneath that robe and became comfortable in my own skin. That new sense of positive self-image was contagious and I wanted more of it.”

In its 10th and final episode, one of the four finalists will be going home with a year’s worth of clothing, courtesy of ZALORA, and the grand prize of $100,000, courtesy of title sponsor Fitness First.

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