Razer looks to enter more APAC markets, with Malaysia being a potential

Gaming hardware manufacturing company Razer is said to be looking to bring its smartphones to other markets next year, with Malaysia being a key market it is looking into. According to an article on CNA, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia will soon have access to its new Razer phone. The company is also getting its marketing and sales teams more involved as part of its business plan.

Razer currently has a headquarter in Singapore and is also listed in Hong Kong. Razer vice-president Irene Ng said in the article that Razer has planned to enter the China market and will go head to head with local brands such as Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi, among others. However, some of Razer's products are in available in China as it had previously partnered with companies such as JD.com. Marketing has reached out to Razer for comment.

Last month, in a Facebook post, Razer co-founder and chief executive officer Tan Min-Liang, said that RazerPay is planned to launch in Singapore by the first quarter of 2019. Detailing its plans for a cashless economy in Singapore, Razer aims to provide ongoing advisory and development support for a Common E-Payment Framework (CEF). It also plans to spearhead support for an e-payment solution for Singapore, which will either be run by a third-party e-payment provider or to launch RazerPay, funded and run by Razer.

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