Razer Game Store ceases online operations as part of 'realignment plans'

In an email to customers yesterday, Razer Game Store said that it will be shutting down on 28 February at 1700 hours as part of the its "realignment plans". The statement said that the company will be investing in other ways to deliver great content and introduce game promotions through their virtual credits system Razer Gold.

While there will not be any further marketing emails from the Razer Game Store, the Razer ID and any email subscription will still work at Razer and its partner sites. Razer will request that customers' data to be deleted by any partner Razer Game Store is no longer working with. Customers who need assistance can get in touch with their customer support via gamestore.support@razer.com. The email sent to users also included a list of frequently-asked questions, which clarified that all purchased games work even after the closure. Gamers will be receiving an email with an archive of their purchases where they can activate them on Steam or UPlay at their own convenience.

In April 2018, Razer launched its game store on e-commerce platform Lazada as well. Razer told Marketing that it will now also cease to operate across all markets.  Last November, Razer had been in the limelight for being the official e-sports partner of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games and inking deal with NETS to expand Razer Pay across Singapore.