Ramadan 2021 will see a spike in online streaming and eWallet use in Indonesia

Ramadan is one of the long-awaited celebrations by Indonesian Muslims. A new survey commissioned by global advertising technology leader, The Trade Desk reveals that online video streaming will rise during Ramadan 2021. One in two Indonesians surveyed said they plan to spend their Ramadan leisure time watching movies and TV series online (48%), while nearly an equivalent number plan to stream online music (42%). With 40 million Indonesian consumers on ad-supported OTT platforms, brands can take advantage of these new channels to stay top-of-mind.

There will also be a boost in online shopping and meal delivery during Ramadan as nearly 50% of Indonesians do not plan to travel back to their hometown to celebrate the tradition of ending the month of fasting.  With plans to stay local and forgo travel, Indonesians plan to reallocate their mudik travel funds. In fact, a whopping 63% of those who typically shop during Ramadan said they will be doing more Ramadan shopping online this year compared to last year. That figure goes up to 68% for Millennials, a highly-coveted age group among advertisers.

In addition, Indonesians are also planning to increase the number of takeaway meals ordered online as families adapt their Ramadan celebrations to the COVID era. Among the food delivery app users, nearly 6 in 10 say they’ll be using food delivery apps more frequently this year compared to last. This trend is especially prominent among families with kids as they are unable to go out as much as they usually would during iftar at this time of the year. The survey also showed that eWallets have been gaining traction in Indonesia as 1 in 3 Indonesians report using eWallets to pay for their daily expenses.

To this end, advertisers must rethink how they can better equip themselves with insights into food deliveries, grocery and product shopping trends, as well as in-store purchases with eWallet to keep pace with the accelerated use of eWallets. The rise in e-wallet usage offer brands the opportunity to understand how digital advertising converts into sales.

Florencia Eka, country manager of The Trade Desk Indonesia, considers the shift during Ramadan as an opportunity for advertisers to sharpen their media strategies. “As Indonesians spend Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr at home, they are also opting to spend more time and money online, creating more meaningful opportunities for brands to reach and engage consumers as they shop, eat, and pay for daily necessities using digital channels.”

Eka added that the shift during Ramadan to increased online shopping and meal delivery, as well as OTT viewing consumption, speaks to a larger trend that we’ve seen accelerate during the pandemic, and it isn’t about to reverse.

“As more Indonesians continue to turn to new digital channels such as eWallets and OTT video streaming, more advertisers will follow where consumers take them. These digital channels offer modern marketers the ability to move beyond traditional digital metrics and instead, prove ROI of their advertising spend with real world business outcomes by applying data with greater precision and through better measurement capabilities.”

(Photo courtesy: 123RF)

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