Rakyat Post launches its web portal

Hungry for news minus the fluff and hot air?

A concerned local businessman was too and as a result, created Rakyat Post (www.therakyatpost.com), a portal that reports on current events from every viewpoint, be it industry professionals, officials or even the man on the street with a voice. Quality reporting is, of course, exercised.

Following in line with the portal's tagline "One Source, All Sides", Rakyat Post will be welcoming contributors to provide their viewpoint on every topic on the microsite, ranging from politics to business and headline news.

Winston Robertson, chief operating officer of Rakyat Post tells A+M that there are plans to expand the business section, with monetisation being the eventual goal.

The portal uses elements of gamification to keep readers engaged. Polls, surveys, comment functions and other tools serve to gather sentiment and give readers a voice. Contributors and top commenter will also receive badges as a reward for interacting with the site.

The key traffic drivers are Rakyat Posts' two Facebook pages, one in Bahasa Malaysia and the other in English, as well as Google AdsWord.

As of current, all content are produced in-house and, according to Google Analytics, the site clocks anywhere between 2-4,000 clicks.