RainLily's video tells the seriousness of sexual harassment and violence in Hong Kong

Sexual violence crisis centre RainLily is launching a campaign to raise awareness on sexual harassment and violence, inviting Hongkongers to pay attention to the situation and offer help to victims.

In collaboration with dentsu International Hong Kong, the #OneinSeven campaign is aimed at raising awareness on sexual harassment and violence as this issue fails to be taken seriously in today’s mainstream society despite the increasing number of victims.

The campaign includes a video that is broadcast across all mainstream digital video platforms, TV and out-of-home channels.

“It’s never easy for victims to speak out and seek help as fear and victim-shaming are often the reasons they remain quiet. We see the urgency to break the silence, and we are indeed grateful to have dentsu international as our communication partner to make that happen. From there, we aim to gain more supports from the society, where we can put forward more initiatives in education and prevention, tackling the issue from the core," said Linda Wong, executive director of RainLily.

Dentsu International Hong Kong has involved every unit of the business for this project, from creative concept, production and activation, led by dentsumcgarrybowen, to channel planning and content partnership supported by its media team Carat. Isobar, the network’s digital agency, has also revamped RainLily’s donation page, providing website and experience design services to elevate user experience over RainLily’s digital platforms.

rainlily donation.page visualThe deployment is to ensure every bit of attention and interest captured through the campaign can help users take further actions such as donating, sharing, or seeking further information.

“When I first learned from RainLily that one in every seven women in Hong Kong had suffered from sexual violence, I just knew we had to do something about it," commented Simone Tam, CEO of dentsu international Hong Kong.

"By working together with each other, we can make a positive impact on our society. And this is a chance for our people to give back and simply do something good," she added.