Radio at an all-time high

Malaysia continues to lead the Asia Pacific region in the average number of hours spent a week listening to radio with less channel switching.

The latest Nielsen Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) survey shows total radio audience in Peninsula Malaysia remains high with 92% weekly listeners.

Dato’ Borhanuddin Osman (pictured), president of Commercial Radio Malaysia (CRM), said media fragmentation has literally changed the rules of consumer engagement.

“In the new world order of media, targeting is the new buzz word,” he said.

“The survey results however offer measurable evidence that radio listenership continues to thrive with the multiple choices catering to listeners’ preferences.”

Borhan adds that the radio industry has matured to the extent that listeners are now identifying what they want to listen to and when by staying tuned to no more than two channels on the average.

As an industry, radio is also progressing on other fronts and creating a new set of milestones.

In the last 12 months, BFM89.9 won the Golden Kancil Award last year, and awards at Cannes, AdFest, One Show, and Spikes Asia this year for the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

“Radio has broadened its reach in the past decade with stations formatting content more specifically to appeal to their target audiences.

“This in turn has calcified our position in customising promotions and CSR programmes for our community of listeners,” said Osman.

In terms of audience reach, ERA retained its pole position among Bahasa Malaysia channels with 4.5 million average weekly listeners followed closely by SINAR with 4.2 million weekly listeners and hotfm with a reach of 3.4 million.

Among Chinese channels, MY FM took the lead with 2.2 million listeners, followed by 988 and ONE FM with 1.5 million and 861,000 listeners respectively.

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