Qantas launches new distribution model to transform booking experience for trade partners

Australian Airline Qantas has launched a new distribution model – the Qantas Channel – which is set to improve the way agencies book fares and deliver personalised experiences to customers.

Agencies who have signed up to the Qantas Channel will be able to provide customers with new content, sourced from the NDC-enabled Qantas Distribution Platform (QDP), which is not currently available via traditional indirect booking systems. 

Qantas has partnered with all of the major global distribution systems to make the Qantas Channel available to agencies globally. Thousands of agencies around the world have signed up to the Qantas Channel, representing around 90% of Qantas’ revenue from trade partners, Qantas stated.

“The launch of the Qantas Channel, together with our new distribution platform will, over time, empower our agency partners to deliver more enriched and personalised experiences for our mutual customers,” said Igor Kwiatkowski, Qantas executive manager sales and distribution.

“We’ve observed other international airlines adopt new distribution models and recognise that the adoption of the new technology takes time. That’s why we’ve deliberately taken a phased, collaborative approach so that the Qantas Channel, and the new content that it will offer, can be delivered in the most seamless way possible.”

The Qantas Channel is part of the broader digital strategy to enhance Qantas’ booking systems and is a new agreement between the airline and its agency partners that provides access to a wide range of Qantas fares, products and information for agents. Qantas Channel is also a step forward for the transformation of the airline’s distribution strategy.

Kwiatkowski said it is expected that the benefits of its new distribution platform will start flowing through in the coming months.

“Greater reward and recognition of our Frequent Flyers and the ability to deliver targeted offers for our agency partners are just some of the benefits that are in the pipeline. Ultimately, our vision is to offer our agency partners a bigger toolkit than what they can offer our customers today,” Kwiatkowski added.