Qantas appoints OMD to handle global media buying duties

Qantas has appointed OMD Australia as its international media buying agency, effective today, in a bid to consolidate its media buying activities across 18 international markets.

This was confirmed by Qantas in a statement to Marketing, which added that the incumbents for Southeast Asia and Hong Kong are Neo@Ogilvy and Zenith respectively. The agency has been managing Qantas' media buying duties in Australia since 2014, and each market will be transitioning over the next few months. Qantas' spokesperson said that the change was part of a broader strategic review for its media buying, and that having one partner globally will lead to better shared learnings across markets and more efficient media buying.

In August, Qantas partnered with Destination New South Wales to launch a new content series, geared towards Singaporean travellers. Titled “Meet the Sydneyporeans”, the three-part video mini-series features Singaporeans living in Sydney and beyond. Qantas also released an engaging in-flight safety video in February this year, which features some of Australia’s most stunning landscapes and locations with Tourist Australia.

The appointment comes after Government Technology Agency appointed OMD Singapore in September, to manage media and buying duties for its employer branding and recruitment programmes and campaigns for a year, with the option to extend for another. During the same period, OMD Worldwide named former chief executive of Omnicom Media Group Germany Florian Adamski its CEO in September. He replaced Mainardo de Nardis, who assumed the new role of executive vice-chairman at Omnicom Media Group in New York.

“We are a proud partner of Qantas and are absolutely delighted to extend our relationship to cover their international network. We are lucky to have a truly cohesive media agency network across the globe, with the capability to drive and manage the business out of Sydney. We look forward to working with Qantas and their partners to drive continued growth for their business and brand," Aimee Buchanan, CEO OMD Australia, said.