PUMA jumps at K-pop fever in new BTS collaboration

PUMA has released a new ad featuring members of Korean pop sensation BTS. The ad features the group’s collaboration with the sports brand, called the Basket edition.

In the spot, all seven members of the group were seen dancing and bobbing their heads to a bouncy tune without saying a word, before breaking up into pairs. The spot concludes with the group’s leader Rap Monster (real name Kim Nam-joon) telling the viewer “We need you”. Kim is the only one in the group without a partner. Watch the spot here:

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Since its launch last week, the spot has garnered around 287,301 views on YouTube at the time of writing, causing buzz among BTS fans saying they would show their support by buying the sneakers. At the time of writing, the shoes are sold out on the brand’s US online store.

In March this year, PUMA released another spot featuring BTS which sees the members being reflective on their journey to becoming global pop stars, starting from their time before debut. Touting PUMA’s Turin collection, the spot garnered around 2,073,166 views.

According to The Jakarta Post, the campaign also involves photo booths which allow consumers to nab a special photo poster of themselves with BTS. PUMA has been working with BTS since 2015, modelling some of its products. The group became the brand’s global ambassador in February, joining the brand’s stable of other ambassadors such as Selena Gomez, Rihanna and Kylie Jenner.

Marketing Interactive has reached out to PUMA for additional details.

Earlier this year, sports brand PUMA revealed plans to grow its online presence in the region with the establishment of its on e-commerce set-up in early 2019. Through the move, the brand looks to launch not only its direct e-commerce site but also strengthen its relationships with leading online marketplaces.

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