Pulse partners Over the Shoulder

Digital research agency Pulse Group and smartphone-based consumer insight Over the Shoulder (OTS) from Chicago have partnered up to bring a smartphone-based consumer insight tool to Asia Pacific.

The deal will connect Pulse's 3 million consumer panelists across 17 Asia Pacific markets to OTS' smartphone-based platform.

Brands who wish to better understand their consumers in the region can commission smartphone-based shopper insight studies, smartphone ethnography projects, product usage tests and other powerful smartphone-based methodologies.

Bob Chua (pictured), CEO of Pulse, said, "We feel Asia Pacific is prime for insight exploration via the smartphone. With smartphone penetration across Asia Pacific growing rapidly, the ability to collect real-time information via our panels and OTS' leading technology leaves us well-placed to provide something completely unique to our clientele."

Managing director of OTS, Ross Mclean, said, the company turns consumers' smartphones into a window into reality in a way no other methodology can.