Pulse Group ties up with Integration

Digital research agency Pulse Group today announced the strategic alliance with Integration, a global firm that focuses on marketing accountability systems.

Both companies will combine their capabilities to help companies measure marketing efficacy and accountability.

In his keynote address in Kuala Lumpur today, Oscar Jamhouri (pictured), CEO of Integration, said CEOs question the value of marketing, with 73% of them think marketers lack business credibility as they lack proof of having generated business growth.

Having come from an advertising background, Jamhouri highlighted the roles of advertising and the functions of the marketing department in an overall business.

He also mentioned that digital has become a fad, with many marketers not knowing exactly whether it is essential in their overall marketing strategy and how it is measured.

Speaking on the alliance with Integration, Bob Chua, CEO of Pulse Group, said, “We will deploy an experienced global team and deliver unique added value to help companies improve their competitive edge.”

Integration was founded two decades ago and has audited more than 35,406 brands among  983,500 consumers across 523 categories, 90 markets and 40 languages.

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