PUB gets the public to create ending for tear-jerking Hari Raya film

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) has invited the public to create the ending for its recently launched short film, Kinship. Unveiled in line with Hari Raya, the film has garnered over a million views in about a month. In a Facebook post,

PUB said it received unanswered questions and comments on wanting to #FindZul, the younger brother featured in the spot.  

The tear-jerking spot centers around two brothers in an orphanage who drift apart when a foster family takes in the older brother, leaving the younger one at the home. Fifty years later, the older brother takes a trip down memory lane and finds an engraved forgiveness note on the wooden planks at a hut which the brothers sought shelter at as kids, and is moved to tears. Users were curious to know if the relationship between the brothers will be patched after fifty years.

Looking at the interest many have shown, viewers are now able to write a short synopsis of how they would want Kinship to end. The top three storytellers will be able to work with PUB and the film’s creative team in an exclusive workshop. If you have yet to catch the film, watch it here:

The film was done in partnership with Tribal Worldwide Singapore and production house Freeflow Productions. According to an earlier press statement, the film was inspired by a Malay proverb “air dicincang tidak akan putus” that translates to “Water doesn’t break apart when you chop it”.

Cindy Keng, director of 3P Network, PUB said the team did not expect overwhelming response from the public towards Kinship and the strong reception has spurred the team to think of ways to engage the public in co-creating a closure for the brothers.

“It is particularly heartening to see how the film had brought people together, and generating conversations about the preciousness of kinship and the water saving message embedded in the film. Given how passionate people are about the film, we are very excited to see what the public will come up with,” she added.

Meanwhile, Benson Toh, creative director of Tribal Worldwide Singapore said with more than 1.5 million views, Kinship saw overwhelming response from the public and many people were truly invested in the story of the brothers. As unexpected as it was, he added that the team knew that the story had to be continued.

“In a matter of days, we worked closely with PUB to activate this crowdsourcing campaign. By getting the public to work with us helps bring them closer to the brand. We look forward to see the streams of ideas coming in email and Facebook,” Toh said.