Sony rolls out AR filters and billboards to celebrate PS5 launch

The launch of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) was a long-awaited event among gamers who have been making every possible effort to get their hands on the limited-supply console. To engage their fans, Sony has rolled out an AR filter and a giant billboard in Mong Kok, offering an immersive experience at the heart of Hong Kong. 

Located on the façade of Chong Hing Square in Mong Kok, the billboard features four AR effects, each of them representing a different game. To enjoy the AR experience, visitors only need to open their Instagram and point their camera toward the billboard to trigger the AR effects.

The billboard demonstrates PlayStation's idea of "Play has no limits". According to the brand, AR itself "is breaking the limits between the digital world and reality, enhancing the reality experience by adding a digital layer on top of it and adding creativity into the reality."

As the billboard is situated at one of the city's busiest locations, over 2,000 people have already visited the billboard in Mong Kok and tried out the AR effect. 

To promote the billboard, PlayStation has also rolled out a video to showcase the AR effect. 

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