Prudential's AI-powered "The Pulse" health management app released across APAC

Prudential has launched an AI-powered app to offer comprehensive health management for its clients.

The Pulse by Prudential application is aimed at integrating personal health checks and health management into the day to day lives of its users, by providing a selection of tools and real-time information.

One selling point of Pulse is that it learns from the data it receives and the interactions users have with partners and services. For example, a chat-based service can analyse the initial inputs of a user before asking them a series of questions. Based on the users' answers and provided medical symptoms, the app will guide them to the most appropriate form of healthcare service available, as well as offering further information about potential causes. The Pulse can be used with both global and local providers of health services.

The app can also combine lifestyle signals from a user's other apps and wearables with contextual information about their surroundings, guiding users towards practical health goals. These might be adjusting a diet to stave off the onset of diabetes or reducing stress levels, by establishing better fitness habits, generally instilling behaviours that are specifically beneficial for the user's health.

“Digital technology will also enhance the face-to-face experience which has been the bedrock of our business. Pulse will not only complement, but also elevate the human interaction and excellent service," said Nic Nicandrou, chief executive of Prudential Corporation Asia.

Pulse by Prudential was first launched in Malaysia and will be expanded to 11 markets moving forward.