PPFIM entrenches partnership with industry

Persatuan Penerbit Filem Iklan Malaysia (PPFIM), also known as the Malaysian Association of Advertising Filmmakers celebrated its 26 annual general meeting in Kuala Lumpur recently. The association comprises of companies renowned for expertise in commercials production.

At the meeting, objectives for the year were laid out, such as promoting understanding that producers and production companies bring much value in the area of nurturing and managing talent. Ensuring ideas are realised to its full creative potential was also discussed. The organisation recently implemented an industry agreement and work to collaborate with advertising agencies and associations.

“PPFIM’s goal is to promote the value that production companies bring to agencies and advertisers and safeguard the future of production companies,” said Khoo Kay Lye, president of the association who was re-elected for another two-year term.

According to Chow Chun Son of Reservoir World, this also means promoting business structures providing production companies with opportunities to prosper, much to the benefit of advertiser and agencies. He was also elected vice president.

With the PPFIM committee, the association is collaborating with seasoned industry players to roll out plans for the future. Each member of the committee will take on responsibilities in specific aspects such as training, industry relations, FINAS, membership advocacy and community relations.