POSB goes on content marketing offensive

POSB, one of Singapore’s largest and oldest people’s banks, is making a major content push with the launch of a new content platform called NeighboursFirst.sg.

The content platform, which launched last month, was developed by Havas Media. The move as the bank wanted to be relevant to younger generations, after being perceived as a bank for the older generations.

This is part of a major content move DBS, which the POSB brand sits under, has already been moving towards.Lim Bee Bee, head of marketing, Consumer Banking Group Singapore, DBS Bank told Marketing that the bank has over the years stealthily been leveraging on content marketing efforts in many different forms and platforms. However the NeighbourFirst.sg portal takes on a different approach as it “adopts an outside-in approach", featuring customer perspectives rather than the bank's. The portal is also intended at aligning with POSB's branding of being "The People's Bank".

“Singapore has come a long way in the last 50 years and a lot has changed in terms of how people view society and neighbourhoods. This initiative is part of POSB’s efforts to highlight Singapore’s rapid transformation and how we, as a society, have arrived to a very different point,” said Lim.

Jeremy Heng, director of strategy and content at Havas Media Singapore also added that the bank wanted add a strong element of social and digital media to the campaign.

Heng said that  the creative strategy for this platform involved showcasing the narratives of the neighbourhoods in Singapore through three key pillars - people, places and purpose. Each of these pillars feature stories not only from one’s immediate physical neighbourhood but also from online world, which has become the new idea of “neighbourhood” in the minds of the digitally savvy millennials. Pushing the tagline “Neighbours First, Bankers Second”, the running platform features content that celebrates perspectives on the Singaporean way of life.

Through the new content platform, millennials are also urged to engage with POSB through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The brand tied up with high profile content producers to develop content and is also inviting "passionate story tellers" of the neighbourhood to share their stories. These narratives are then collated and published in a wide range of formats such as videos, photography, illustration and editorial articles.

“A key objective was to refresh the familiar for the new generation of Singaporeans and allow them to see the face of neighbourhood that has truly evolved. NeighboursFirst.sg by POSB is a digital story-telling platform that hosts a rich tapestry of exceptional stories from our neighbourhoods,” said Heng.

According to both client and agency, the initial results of the campaign have been encouraging, with most of the content registering a high engagement on POSB’s social media pages.

One such success story is of Bar Brothers which has been viewed more than 95,000 times and shared over 686 times on POSB’s social media platforms. On YouTube it has been viewed 75,000 times.

Take a look at the video:


Another popular hit with readers is Merging Lanes which is a story that traces the journey of young passionate biker Jonathan as he takes part in the distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride. The video has been played more than 65,000 times with 103 shares on social media. On YouTube it has been viewed over 59,000 times.


Currently, added Lim, the plan is for the campaign to be rolled out in phases over the course of 2015.

“We are encouraging visitors to the site to share their stories with us so that we can feature their perspectives on Singapore on the portal. NeighbourFirst.sg is also timed to celebrate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee in 2015 and DBS/POSB will be introducing more of such initiatives next year,” she added.