POSB brings in Master Lui to engage audiences

POSB has partnered with Mediacorp OOH Media to build awareness for their cashback bonus programme. The campaign centres around a character called Master Lui to engage the Millennials.

In a bid to allow the character created to interact with the public, POSB made use of two Mediacorp OOH Media six-sheet outdoor creative panels, located at Midpoint Orchard and One Raffles Quay. The panels feature Master Lui, who beckons and invites passers-by to a virtual interaction with him. With motion sensors installed, the interactive panel detected people standing around and prompted Master Lui into the standing pose with arms behind body.

Passers-by were required to mimic Master Lui’s actions, where each action corresponded to a strategy for them to earn the cashback bonus. Upon mastering at least three of the moves, members of the public could earn up to SG$50 cashback coupons. The coupon was presented on the screen with every successful interaction and they can snap a picture of it to receive the cashback.

The campaign will run until 29 March 2017 and agencies involved were Performics for media duties and Tribal Worldwide for creative.

“Our outdoor platforms provide a perfect opportunity for advertisers to create interactive campaigns in a tongue-in-cheek manner that promote effective call-to-action. Through this campaign, we prompted consumers to learn more about the programme on the streets, hence serving as an outdoor engagement platform for them to get to know more about the brand,” said Henry Goh, head of OOH Media.