Pond's Men takes a swipe at competition in a 'slap-off' campaign

Pond's Men has launched a video spot featuring a "slap-off" to take a swipe at its competition in Indonesia and highlight its product's "superior benefits". In the video, a man was put up against another with a much bigger body build, but remained unfazed despite multiple slaps.

Talking about the competition in a press release, the brand said the film demonstrates how it keeps a strong face when its opponent is triple its size, and has more than double the media muscle. At the same time, the film aims to shine the spotlight on the protein boosting technology in Pond's Men product. Juxtaposing against the muscular man in the video, the brand wittily captioned on YouTube, "This is why you don't challenge a man boosted with protein."

Conceptualised in collaboration with creative agency Ogilvy Singapore for the Indonesia market, the film was launched on television, followed by a social-led campaign. The concept seeks to eschew the tired alpha-male stereotype set by market leaders and instead, inject empathetic humour to get Indonesian men to laugh.

According to Ogilvy Singapore co-chief creative officer Nicolas Courant, most Indonesian men do not aspire to be alpha-males in reality and they are hungry for entertaining content that makes fun of such cliches and does not take itself too seriously. "When it comes to skincare, guys are way more relaxed than what the category wants to show us. As a challenger brand, we wanted to set ourselves apart from these stereotypes,” he added.