Pizza Hut unveils cheesiest commercial for new product

Pizza Hut has unveiled a new “hard to resist, simple to enjoy” campaign, injecting humour in its commercial. Promoting its “Cheesy 7” pizza flavour that is blended with seven different types of cheeses in one pizza, the spot shows the difficulties of pronouncing types of cheese. This ranges from gouda to parmesan, which is often mispronounced as “gowda” and “pramesan”.

According to Pizza Hut, the new flavour was drawn from Singaporeans’ love of cheese. Garnering over 10,000 views in two days, the commercial also shows how many takes were needed for the artist in the spot to correctly pronounce gouda and parmesan. The spot ends off saying “hard to pronounce, simple to enjoy” which ties back to Pizza Hut’s campaign tagline. The agencies behind the campaign were BLKJ, Mindshare and W Communications.

Joyce Tan, senior director, Marketing & Food Innovation said the campaign was intended to add some fun in playing on the insights that some of these atas (high end) cheeses are hard to pronounce, but Pizza Hut makes it simple to enjoy.

“Like our well loved Pan and Stuffed Crust Pizzas, Cheesy 7 is an innovation that has stood the test of time. In line with our brand platform ‘Your Slice of Simple’, Cheesy 7 offers yet another simple, delicious pizza experience in today’s complex world. Thus, the campaign line ‘Hard to resist, simple to enjoy’ – I hope you’ll find this product as mouthwatering as we do,” she added.

In addition, the brand also launched a limited edition pan pizza called “One Hut’s United Pizza” in line with the nation’s 54th birthday. Paying homage to the Singapore Flag, the pizza consists of two halves–one red and one white for a patriotic spin on the existing half-and-half offering on its menus.