Pizza Hut explores the viral power of music

Pizza Hut Hong Kong is beefing up the viral power of its TV commercial with an unbranded music video by local signer Fiona Hung.

Entitled “For you”, the music video is derived from the music performance by Fiona Hung and Kwong Wing Chan in the TV commercial, which has been recently launched last month and will run until late January.

The up-coming sequential music video is set to be released next week.

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The 60-second TV commercial, which aims to promote its the "Grand Menu Royale", garnered over 110,000 views in a month and has gained considerable traction on social media. However, most conversations revolve around the music performance by the popular local musician.

“The three minute music video is an effort to further engage with audiences and to amp up the buzz with a soft-sell approach,” said Richard Leong, marketing director of Pizza Hut Hong Kong.

“The record-high viewer numbers of this commercial has proven successful to the tactic of storytelling and the endorsement of both Fiona and Chan Kwong Wing. We decided to expand the commercial into a sequential music video in response to the public support,” he added.

Both the TV commercial and the up-coming music video are created by Havas Worldwide Hong Kong.

“We want consumers to view Pizza Hut as more than a restaurant: it’s where people gather and  connect,” said CC Tang, Chairman of Havas Worldwide Hong Kong and Chief Creative Officer of Greater China.

“Through the campaign, we would like to remind people in Hong Kong to show gratitude and strengthen connection with their loved ones.”