Pizza Hut in damage control mode

Pizza Hut Malaysia has been on damage control mode since Tuesday since news surfaced online of a Mid-Valley outlet denying service to Anthony Thanayasan, a wheelchair-bound person.

A happy conclusion is reported to have been reached,with Pizza Hut Malaysia recruiting Thanayasan, who is a Petaling Jaya City councillor, to participate in training sessions with the restaurant’s staff on how to engage more professionally with disabled persons.

Excerpts from their latest Facebook update, uploaded with the above picture of Anthony Thanasayan and head of Pizza Hut Malaysia, Low Kang Moon:

“As a latest update, we had a fruitful meeting today at Cititel Mid Valley with Mr Anthony Thanasayan. We’re happy to announce that we have come to a mutual understanding to resolve the recent incident between the Pizza Hut Mid Valley staff and Mr Anthony.”

“Furthermore, Anthony has volunteered to work together with us in further educating our staff on disable friendly restaurants. We intend to incorporate these into our training modules to ensure that we provide excellent service to every customer.”

However, the brand’s Facebook page continues to explode with feedback, some praising the brand’s quick action and some continuing to lambast perceived discrimination and also to drag up old grievances.


Pic 1: Fans’ positive reaction

Pic 2: Fans’ negative reactions

What do you think of Pizza Hut’s efforts? Are Malaysians’ habits of jumping onto Facebook to complain slightly unfair?

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