Pixel Media, Adsfactor and Snap Mobile merges into PIXELS

Pixel Media Group has merged its Pixel Media, Adsfactor and Snap Mobile businesses into a single business entity and rebranded as PIXELS.

The new company will focus on multiscreen advertising and deliver campaigns across a range of digital platforms - display and in-stream videos, mobile and connected TV, as well as branded content.

"The challenge brands face today is how to reach consumers in an increasingly fragmented digital landscape where people use an average of four or five different screens throughout the day for work and leisure,” Kevin Huang, CEO at Pixels, said.

"The mobile revolution and the ubiquity of wireless broadband have further blurred the lines between channels such as TV, desktop, phones, and tablets. Consumers are constantly jumping from one screen to the other. This will become increasingly common as the emerging category of wearable computing goes mainstream."

Marketing's Matt Eaton catches up with Huang in this week's On The Couch video to find out his rationale behind merging the three businesses into PIXELS. Huang also shares his take on digital product placement and the relationship between big data and creativity.