Phoenix Metropolis Media joins Ocean Outdoor's global network

British outdoor advertising services company Ocean Outdoor has partnered with Phoenix Metropolis Media Technology to strengthen its footprint in China.

Ocean Outdoor Alliance's network includes outdoor screens across China and 12 other global cities, along with a UK wide portfolio and three subsidiaries in the Netherlands now operated by the company.

Under the agreement, Ocean Outdoor will sell international brand campaigns across the Phoenix Metropolis Media portfolio. In addition, Phoenix Metropolis Media clients will have access to the Ocean Alliance network in key urban cities outside of China.

“Our partnership with Phoenix Metropolis Media extends our footprint across China specifically in Beijing and Shanghai, giving advertisers a one-stop shop to prime their global media campaigns in the world’s fastest growing consumer market," said Nick Shaw, international sales director of Ocean Outdoor.

Currently, OOH is China’s third-biggest media channel after TV and online. Phoenix Metropolis Media is one of the most prominent players in the Chinese digital OOH sector, with a network covering the entire country.

“Against a background of globalisation, Chinese brands want to break the limitation of global barriers and promote the idea of 'made in China' to the world. We regard this alliance as a good example, providing a convenient, accessible channel for Chinese brands. We believe co-operation will create a triple-win situation for both companies and advertisers from all over the world," concluded Liang Zhiyong, marketing department manager of Phoenix Metropolis Media.