Pharmacists shows crucial role in public health

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong has released a three minute movie to raise awareness of the pharmacist's role in public healthcare.

Created by Y&R Hong Kong, the micro-movie highlights both medicine and care are crucial to patients' well-being, by portraying a community pharmacist's life from a first person perspective.

"We are facing a challenge that Hong Kong people are unfamiliar with pharmacists' actual role," said Pierre Loo, regional business director at Y&R Hong Kong.

"They tend to rely heavily on doctors and nurses in hospitals and see pharmacists only as a medicine retail outlet.

"Hence the new campaign was produced to raise awareness of the pharmacist's role, to build affinity between communities and pharmacists, and to encourage a wider use of pharmacists services within neighbourhoods."

A 30 second cut-down version of the microfilm will be aired on TV, bus TV and online,  while the full three minute version can be viewed on YouTube and SHPHK website with Facebook and other social media support.

Watch the short version here and full version here.