Pfizer's rolling ball for pledges

Pfizer Malaysia has concluded its charity campaign, The Ball of Life, to support research and awareness of pneumococcal disease.

The campaign encouraged the public to contribute towards ensuring children and elderly are protected against pneumococcal disease by signing a pledge. For every signature, Pfizer Malaysia will contribute towards the Lung Foundation of Malaysia for research into the prevention of the disease.

The Ball of Life campaign spanned over three weeks throughout the city – starting in 1Utama and concluding in Sunway Pyramid. The centrefold of the campaign is a zorb ball that contained a man inside which attracted the crowd to sign the pledge.

Pneumococcal disease is a complex group of illnesses caused by streptococcus pneumonia.

Terrence Ooi, general manager of Alpha 245 Malaysia, the agency responsible for the campaign said that trying to create awareness on this disease really required us to think about ways that we could attract public attention and get the message across about the disease at the same time.

“Our concept was to create an inclusive message for both children and adult awareness – and the ball was just a great way to visually create that sense of curiosity that would hook our audience in.”

Noor Yang Azwar Kamaruddin, director of public affairs, communications and market access of Pfizer Malaysia said: “It is often a challenge to get the message about a complicated disease across to the public.”

The Ball of Life has exceeded its initial target of 3000 signatures, resulting in 11,476 pledges throughout the duration of the campaign.