Pet food brand hunts for 2,000 SG pet owners to recruit mini brand influencers

Hong Kong-based pet food brand Kakato is looking to collaborate with 2,000 pet owners to promote its brand in Singapore. Collaborating with Pawjourr (powered by The Woof Agency), a pet parenting website that connects pet owners to information, products and services, Kakato aims to promote their 16 different variations of wet pet food for cats and dogs, and inform pet owners in Singapore that its product is human-grade, nutritious, and ethically-sourced for their pets consumption. 

Running a six-month campaign, Kakato is calling on interested pet owners to try its products, and post a review on their social media platform afterwards. All accounts are welcomed to participate in the paid campaign, and the expected deliverables are based on the follower count of each account. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to Kakato for additional information.

In a conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, a spokesperson by The Woof Agency said pet owners who participate in the campaign can choose to either purchase the pet food or have it sent to them. Additionally, Kakato will be amplifying the campaign with paid ads on social media, as well as on-ground activations such as school visits. It will be working with (human) key opinion leaders to further get the word out as well, according to The Woof Agency. Founded in 2019, The Woof Agency is the digital marketing arm of Pawjourr. It works with over 3,000 pet influencers globally, and specialises in social media campaigns as well as content creation for brands.

In a press release, April Fong, general manager of Kakato said with the campaign, Kakato wanted to gauge the perception Singaporeans had towards its brand and whether it’s a brand they love and recognise. The campaign has also gained positive traction, with over 250 sign-ups within the first 36 hours after it was launched. According to Kakato, pet owners who tried the products were extremely impressed with the large amount of meat its food contained, and appreciated the wide variety of options to choose from, as it made spicing up their pets meals much easier. 

While this campaign was targeted towards pets, Kakato said many pet parents were also appreciative that these products were human-grade too. This meant that the food is also edible for humans, and were prepared with the same level of care and concern that would go into food prepared for humans. It also assures pet owners that the food is not only safe but healthy for pets to consume, Kakato added. 

"We really appreciate the support we’ve received, and would like to reassure other pet owners who are on the fence about our products that Kakato only makes ethically-sourced and high quality food, you have my word," Fong added. 

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