perromart steals hearts with purr-tastic videos in latest campaign

ECommerce pet retailer in Singapore, perromart, has launched a series of quirky content videos in partnership with TGH Collective, an independent boutique agency. The videos launched on Facebook and YouTube demonstrate how humanly pets can be when they perform actions that people do. Each content highlights the clear benefits of what perromart offers. The company's spokesperson told Marketing that perromart wanted a brand voice that could embody it as passionate pet parents as well as portray how it was as a company, focusing deeply on ensuring pets were treated as "one of us". It was also mentioned that many pet owners' today already regarded themselves as parents, going as far as to install cameras to check on their pets or send them for day-care.

This project comes as perromart strongly believes in enabling the bond between pets and pet parents. The company took this opportunity to spread this spirit with all pet parents, sharing the mutual feeling of cats and dogs were not just “pets”, but family. The video showcases Bella, a Maltese breed, who is shopping for her friend who happens to be a cat; Molly the poodle, who is a picky eater, but when it comes to the wide assortment of food from perromart, she gobbles everything up, and lastly Rufus, a cocker spaniel, who is a saver and calculates how much he saves on discounts.

The spokesperson added that the company's past strategy and positioning was mainly to showcase its services, adding that this new strategy was in the works since October last year. 

Roy Lim, co-founder of perromart said with the amount of effort and products being invested into the well-being of the dogs and cats, some had even taken to calling them humankind’s “new children”. “We wanted to highlight not only the benefits of perromart’s online services, but also how perromart is dedicated to catering to pet parents who treat their pets not as simple companions, but as their ‘new children’ - not unlike human ones,” Lim added.

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