PepsiCo sets up first plant in SG to transform beverage portfolio

PepsiCo has opened a new plant in Singapore that will produce and supply beverage concentrates for Asia Pacific markets. The Singapore Concentrate plant will feature in PepsiCo's plans to continue transforming its beverage portfolio, in line with the company's Performance with Purpose goal that by 2025, two-thirds of its global beverage volume will have less than 100 calories from added sugars, per 12-ounce serving.

Additionally, the concentrate plant will support the manufacture of new product formulations to serve the demands of Asia Pacific consumers for healthier options. This will include low or no sugar versions of its existing beverages, and new innovations in categories like hydration and teas. Moreover, the plant is designed to drive efficiency and cost savings for the company by allowing faster, more streamlined delivery of concentrate to the APAC markets.

According to Adel Garas, president, PepsiCo Asia Pacific, what also drives results for PepsiCo is "performance with purpose". He added that PepsiCo’s fundamental belief is that the success of its company is linked to the sustainability of the world.

Garas added that because of APAC's diverse markets, there are different business models to meet the needs of these very different markets, spanning company-owned, franchise and joint venture partnerships. There are developed markets, such as Australia, Japan, Korea, and of course, Singapore, as well as developing and emerging markets like Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan and Myanmar.He added that the diversity of the "incredible Asia Pacific associates" is a competitive advantage that fuels innovation, strengthens PepsiCo's reputation, and fosters relationships in the communities where it operates.

“We wish to thank the Government of Singapore and its agencies for their support for this project. We are confident that our business will greatly benefit from the close cooperation, and positive business and regulatory environment here in Singapore,”  Garas said.

"I am thrilled to see that PepsiCo recognises Asia Pacific’s solid foundation for growth - as well as its great potential for sustained performance - by investing in this new plant," he said.

“We are delighted to see our new facility in Singapore officially open.  While the plant construction took just 18 months, our relationship with Singapore started over ten years ago when we first began to explore locating here," David Murray, senior vice president and general manager, PepsiCo Global Concentrate Solutions, said.

"I’d like to thank the Economic Development Board, JTC Corporation, contractors and our own team who have helped to make today a reality.  The next chapter of our story in Singapore starts now with the new associates hired to support PepsiCo’s Asia Pacific business,” added Murray.