Peet's Coffee has a blast from the past with 60's-inspired Shanghai pop-up store

US coffee chain Peet's Coffee has opened a pop-up cafe in Shanghai, recreating the design of its heritage store in Berkeley, California.

Located outside the Jing'An Kerry Centre, the pop-up aims to pay tribute to Peet's Coffee's iconic 1966 original store on Vine and Walnut Street. The store, which will be running until 22 October, offers a wide range of hand-crafted coffees and experiences. This includes crafting personalised t-shirts, tote bags, and badges, with iconic patterns and colours appropriated from the 1960s era. Customers can also take photos in a photo booth, which can be physically printed and/or digitally shared on social media.

The stylish interior

Natalie Ackerman, executive vice president of Greater China, Jack Morton, commented, "We’re thrilled to celebrate the history and heritage of Peet’s Coffee through this authentic and immersive experience. This Peet’s Coffee pop-up experience showcases the power of experiences in transporting audiences to a different time and place, and bringing the origins of the brand to life.”

To further enhance the retro ambience, Peet’s Coffee invited buskers to perform outside the premises. And as part of the activation, it created a branded space next door; named Peet’s Park, it's an area where guests are encouraged to relax and mingle with one another. Last weekend, the space was transformed into an open-air cinema, enabling guests to relive the 1960s movie experience.

A musician busks outside

Elaine Liu, marketing director of Peet’s Coffee China explained the message behind using a legacy approach to the brand, saying, "When Alfred Peet opened his first coffee bar in Berkeley, California in 1966, he established our long-standing commitment to roasting the highest-quality coffee and Peet's continues to stay true to that in China."

“We’re excited to expand further across Shanghai and into other cities in China, and even more excited to bring the history and heritage of Peet’s Coffee to coffee lovers in China," she added.