PCCW Global announces on-demand direct connections to Google Cloud

PCCW Global has announced support for Google Cloud Partner Interconnect by providing enterprises direct and on-demand connections to the Google Cloud platform.

Operated by PCCW Global's Console Connect, the latest service provides Google Cloud customers with on-demand, direct access to their business-critical applications. Meanwhile, they can connect any and all points in customer networks with simple-to-use, yet sophisticated, automation software that eliminates the complexity of network configuration. It also enables enhanced performance, visibility, monitoring, and security, while providing additional reach for Google Cloud Partner Interconnect customers.

“Connecting the Google Cloud platform to Console Connect at multiple points around the world enables businesses to quickly establish secure and high performance direct connections to business-critical workloads in the cloud," said Paul Gampe, chief technology officer of PCCW Global.

"The agility and performance benefits of Google Cloud Partner Interconnect integrate perfectly with a superior cloud networking experience offered by Console Connect.”

Console Connect also brings enterprises and cloud providers together into a unique networking community created for network engineers from around the world. The complete solution includes the tools needed to manage multiple secure direct connections, monitor connection performance, and view bandwidth allocation and utilisation.

Google Cloud Partner Interconnect is available now across Europe, Asia and the Americas, and is one of the many cloud and SaaS providers offered via Console Connect.