Pavilion KL's 3D LED bull wins hearts and 5 other inspiring LED executions

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur has captured the attention of consumers over the Chinese New Year holiday with a 3D golden bull activation shown on the big screen outside its mall. Conceptualised by Pavilion KL's senior management, the mall worked together with Brandavision to execute the 3D concept of the golden bull which will run until March this year. The 3D activation shows a silver bull, which is encased in a glass box, being spray painted in gold. Upon turning gold, the bull digs its hooves into the ground before charging towards the glass with the words "Together fight against COVID-19".

Brandavision's business director Suzanne Chai explained to A+M that the bull being encased in the glass box represents consumers who have been confined in their homes during COVID-19 as a result of the lockdown. By smashing through the glass, Pavilion KL wants to encourage consumers to take on a more positive outlook this year and help wipe out COVID-19 by flattening the curve.

"Also, the glass casing is representative of the retail glass windows that consumers see in stores. So this makes the bull look like a figurine on display," Chai said. The creative concept took about a month to plan and 10 days to execute. According to her, this is the first 3D execution in Kuala Lumpur and Brandavision hopes this will inspire other clients to do similar executions in the future.

"The mall management is very happy with the success and the virality of the activation, and Brandavision hopes to create new, innovative ideas jointly with our clients every year," Chai added.

Although Brandavision does not have specific statistics on the traffic count for the latest activation, the company pointed out that a survey by Nielsen showed that 93% of consumers perceive the large screen at Pavilion KL to be more effective at drawing attention than normal outdoor advertising. Meanwhile, 90% said it is eyecatching and 94% said it has high visibility and presence. Netizens' reactions on YouTube and Facebook were mainly positive, with many praising the mall for its creative 3D execution. Some also wondered if Pavilion KL would do a similar execution for Hari Raya Puasa while others requested for a schedule of when the 3D golden bull would appear. "It’s not about being first but about the first to create an international effect," Chai added.

Accompanying the LED execution is a gold-plated golden bull which Pavilion KL said made the Malaysia Book of Records for its size. On display until 28 February, the golden bull stands atop a rotating stage at the mall's centre court. In line with the theme of "Blessings of Prosperity", Pavilion KL's Chinese New Year campaign also featured opulent lanterns hanging over the centre court with blessings of health, prosperity and happiness.

Here are some other 3D LED executions that A+M found online to inspire you:

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