Your ferry ride is on Paul & Shark

Italian leisure and sportswear brand Paul & Shark is paying for your Star Ferry ride tomorrow, from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central and vice versa.

This is part of a campaign to coincide with the first anniversary of its flagship store on Canton Road.

“Taking a ferry will help potential customers associate relaxing feelings of being out at sea with the brand, which is all about boating and a casual lifestyle,” said Ivy Cheung, senior marketing executive at Paul & Shark, which is owned by Imaginex Group.

Cheung adds that the Star Ferry as a mode of transportation has deep roots in Hong Kong. Known for its iconic green and white ferries sailing through Victoria Harbour, the ferry company was founded in 1898.

“This campaign could be seen as a cross-over between Hong Kong and Italian cultures,” she said.

Jessica Ho, deputy general manager at Paul & Shark emphasised that the aim of the event is brand-building, rather than directly bringing traffic to the brand’s stores.

“The purpose of this event is to make an impression on people so that after the ferry ride day is over, they will still remember us,” she said.

To promote the free ferry ride day, at 1:30pm today, the brand will hold a parade where eight models will march from their Canton Road flagship store to the Tsim Sha Tsui pier, where they will give away free Italian cookies.

Afterwards, the marketing team and models will take a ferry across to Central and another cookie giveaway will be held at Theatre Lane in Central.

[Image: Shuttershock]

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