Passengers can hail a taxi through app and pay by Octopus

Octopus is now collaborating with taxi-hailing app Wetaxi to launch a mobile taxi-hailing platform WETAXI HK.  The free platform displays locations where taxi drivers are going when changing their shifts. Passengers going to destinations close to these highlighted places can contact the drivers directly. This feature matches the needs of taxi drivers and passengers and can resolve the problem of taxi service shortages during shift changes.

WETAXI HK will also feature a driver rating system, through which passengers can rate drivers based on their driving manners, taxi cleanliness, personal demeanour and service quality.

In the drivers' version, information such as instant traffic reports and speed detection will be provided to reduce traffic accidents. These features will be launched during the second phase of service upgrade.

Currently, about 800 urban and New Territories taxi drivers have successfully applied for Business O! ePay accounts for accepting taxi fare payments through Octopus cards or O! ePay.

“AI technology will enable us to understand individual taxi drivers' driving behaviour and the areas where they prefer to go, so that we can enhance the app's features and help drivers match taxi-hailing orders according to their routines. The launch of the app proves that innovations and aspirations are not bounded by company size or background. The key to success is having a clear goal and a thorough understanding of the market and industry needs," said Michael Wai, founder of Wetaxi Technology Company.

Passengers can now pay the fare through Octopus cards or Octopus O! ePay. "“We are committed to providing innovative Octopus payment solutions, benefiting our customers and merchants. The feature integration between Octopus App for Business and WETAXI HK facilitates easy Octopus payments to taxi drivers, and encourages the taxi trade to adopt electronic payments," commented Sunny Cheung, CEO of Octopus Card Limited.