Pandora shows magical connection between mums and kids

To celebrate women and their unique bond with their kids, Pandora has launched a social campaign to hook their hearts with an emotional short film.

The film shows the answer to a single question: could children recognise their own mother without actually seeing her?

Six women and their children decided to put that to a real-life experiment. One by one, each child was blindfolded and asked to pick their mother out of a group of women – using senses other than sight. Each mum waited anxiously, watching her child tentatively feel their way, carefully searching for something familiar in a room of strangers.

The outcome was tear-jerking, at least to the mums who participated:

The film was the creative brainchild of the Pandora brand activation team in Copenhagen.

Directed by Malling Publications, the film captured a real-life experiment using six mothers and their children. All of the participants were from Denmark, and the film was shot at The Lab, a rental studio located in Copenhagen.

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