Pandora engages local YouTube stars for Christmas push

Pandora has engaged a cast of local YouTube stars for its Christmas push, injecting a sense of humour into the Danish jewellery brand.

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Dubbed “Hear My Love”, the initiative asks customers to create an e-Christmas card with a personalised audio message on Pandora Facebook page throughout December. Users are encouraged to visit Pandora's online store (via Facebook) and redeem special gifts and messages from the brand.

The program is being promoted via three heart-warming videos featuring Siu Kiu (小翹), Ming Jai (Ming仔), Cecilia So (蘇麗珊) and Neo Yau (游學修). So far two videos have been launched.

YouTube video – Love between lovers

YouTube video – Love between family

"This is the first time we have engaged opinion leaders in one segment on this scale. Localisation is very important to our overall marketing and fits with our global voice," Isabella Mann, marketing vice president at Pandora Asia, told Marketing.

Riding on its "one brand one voice" global brand strategy, Mann said Pandora's local adaptation in Hong Kong stays on digital and promotional events where the Hong Kong operation is allowed more freedom to create content.

"Harnessing the power of opinion leaders and local content, the campaign consolidates our brand image as a jewellery maker that does not only provide charms and bracelets."

Creative agency: Oasis Brand Communications
Media buy agency: Maxus