Pandas wish you a happy ‘new’ year

McCann Erickson China has once again launched a new TVC for CCTV New Year’s Gala, featuring a group of cute pandas.

Dubbed “New Year, New wishes (新春新愿)”, the commercial takes a new approach to create a joyful and cheerful atmosphere during the Spring Festival.

Jeremy Guo, creative director of Mccann Erickson Shanghai, said: “We’ve changed the tone of this year’s TVC with no single storyline nor emotional touch. ‘New’ is the most important theme.”

Tomaz Mok, chairman of McCann Erickson China, revealed: “The last shot where we had to manage the pandas to form a Chinese word ‘Fu (福)’ is the most difficult part. We tried more than a hundred times to complete.”

The commercial was shot across cities and country towns in Henan, Sichuna, Tibet and Shanghai, celebrating the New Year through the true lens.

Chairman of McCann Erickson China: Tomaz Mok
Creative Director: Jeremy Guo
Copywriter: Billy Liao, Hesky Lu
Arts: Jeremy Guo, Kris Yang
Account Service: Cheng Cheng
Production: Cheng Cheng
Production House: WAH
Director: Wu Youyin
Photographer: Lai Yiu-fai
Songwriter: Charles Monnet (France)
Producer (Production House): Wu Chunjie, Gu Jiawen

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