Panasonic Malaysia shows how air pollutants can put a twist to iconic Malaysian cuisine

Panasonic Malaysia has partnered with Naga DDB Tribal to launch a campaign that aims to highlight the dangers of indoor air pollutants. The campaign, "Airdibles", features indoor pollutants as ingredients to form iconic Malaysian cuisine such as Nasi Lemak, Teh Tarik and Curry Puff.

According to a statement, "Airdibles" is a response to how Malaysians today spend most of their time indoors are hence more likely to be affected by exposure to indoor pollutants, all of which cannot be seen. The campaign both signals the introduction of "nanoe Technology" into their line of air conditioners as well as bring visibility to the problem of indoor pollutants.

In line with the campaign, three 'recipe' videos were launched on Panasonic's social media platforms. Made to mirror recipe videos, air pollutants such as dust, hair, mould, and pet fur were used as the main ingredients to make the “Airdibles”.

Following the 'recipe' videos, a two-minute web film was released to address myths about indoor air, explaining how Panasonic's "nanoe Technology" works to remove indoor pollutants.

Since then, the four videos have averaged 500k views on Facebook, and averaged 530k views on YouTube.

“We figured that people wouldn’t consciously eat or drink anything dirty. But what they don’t realise is that they’re already consuming it by breathing in air pollutants on a daily basis. So the idea was to turn air into something tangible, something that Malaysians would immediately recognize,” Jerome Jambu, associate creative director of Naga DDB Tribal said.

The "Airdibles" campaign follows Naga DDB Tribal's recent partnership with Digi to launch a web film and a 30-second TVC, telling the love story of a deaf girl and a pianist, promoting Digi Postpaid’s new value-added service.

Campaign credits:
ECD : Alvin Teoh
Deputy ECD : Paul Lim & Nik Radzi
Associate creative director : Jerome Jambu
Creative group head : Zarak Zain
Copywriters : Shaziana Sajath & CS Quah
Art director : YK Tan, Abel Chai
Business unit head : Carole Foo
Associate account director : Janice Lim
Senior account executive : Erin Low
Project management : Lilian Lee
AV producer : Sharon de Silva & Chris Lau
Film director : Lobak Loon