“Out of office” again

Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter are now well and truly behind us. But Hong Kong’s ad industry is milking every last drop of it. Until Monday 8 April, at least.

For those of you in the office and reading this rant, you’ll know exactly what I mean. If your office is anything like ours – it’s empty and dead quiet.

Almost every email I’ve sent and phone call I’ve made in the past few days has been met with an “out of office” reply, or just no reply at all.

Why not change your voice mail to "Don't bother leaving a message. I'm sitting on a beach in Thailand drinking fresh coconuts."

Okay fair enough it's an odd week with Easter holidays and Ching Ming Festival tomorrow, so who in their right mind would be sitting behind a desk?

If you haven't realised by now, yes, I’m bitter and kicking myself for being disorganised and not planning a few cheeky days away to Boracay or Koh Samui and now I’m sitting here feeling miserable from weeks of grey skies and endless drizzle.

So if you’re stuck... sorry "enjoying" your time in the office, I salute you for your unwavering dedication to clients and customers.

But if you’re down and looking for someone to talk to, drop us a line. We’d really, really love to hear from you.

p.s If you are submitting for this year’s Agency of the Year Awards, the deadline is Friday. MARKies submissions have now been extended to the 17 April.


Matt Eaton.