Otsuka’s aggressive health beverage push into Hong Kong

Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Ltd, the originator of Pocari Sweat and Soyjoy bars, has launched two TV-led campaigns to bring to Hong Kong two of its iconic products from Japan – the 50-year-old vitamin drink Oronamin C (奧樂蜜C飲品) and diet supplement Wise Man’s Dining (賢者之食卓).

Oronamin C has been Japan’s best-selling vitamin drink for 50 years, celebrated across generations. Targeting office workers, the campaign leads with a series of animated characters representing busy and tired ordinary people going through their days with low energy and common health issues such as canker sores and flu as a result of a lack of sleep and rest.

Some of the characters are shown with only half of their bodies through the TV commercial, signifying their low health levels. With a boost from Oronamin C, they regained their bodies and recharged their health to full again.

The campaign is supported with print, point-of-sale materials, OOH and digital media.


Apart from the promotion for Oronamin C there is another ad for Wise Man’s Dining in a tone quite different from the comical Oronamin C ad.

Targeting the working population, the TVC for the diet drink features a group of wise men and women with white beards, inspired by the Wise Man’s Dining’s mascot, in front of a table of delicious food.

“Everyone knows the importance of healthy eating, but making the change to healthy eating can be challenging,” said Maggie Wong, managing partner at The Gate Hong Kong.

“Those who eat out daily may find it difficult to control what goes into their food, and face a lack of choice for healthy meals. It also takes a lot of determination to resist the temptation of good food that is all around.”

The campaign also covers print and OOH media.

Otsuka 2

Client: Otsuka Pharmaceutical (H.K.) Ltd
Creative agency: The Gate Worldwide
Brand: Oronamin C
Production house: Yamanyamo Co. Ltd
Director: Yamanyamo
Brand: Wise Man’s Dining
Production house: Ogle Production Ltd
Director: Martin Chau
Photographer: Topaz Leung from Studio TM

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