OSIM Sundown Marathon event organisers swift to apologise for event hiccups

OSIM Sundown Marathon's event organiser Infinitus Productions has apologised for the delay in flag-off for two marathon sessions as well as lack of water supplies. This comes following criticisms by netizens on social media for poor planning and organisation, while some said an apology is not "justifiable" for the shortcomings at the event.

Reaction to the organisation of the event has been mixed however. While there are a handful complaining about the issues, some praised the organiser for prompt apology and "quickly" explaining the situation in its apology statement.

On a Facebook post, the organiser addressed concerns raised by participants at the OSIM Sundown Marathon on Saturday. The post read that delay at flag offs was due to an unforeseen obstruction on route which had to be cleared to ensure the safety of the runners. In addition, the organiser also said there were post-race shuttle services catered due to the delay.

Moreover, the organiser cited logistical issues as reasons for the deployment of water, resulting it shortages at some hydration points. The post further said that upon being alerted of the issue, additional supplies of water were deployed to affected hydration stations. "These issues should not have occurred, and we sincerely apologise for these issues encountered by the runners. We will be looking into it and will prevent them from happening again in future races," the statement read.

The title sponsor was OSIM, while sponsors of the event include Pocari Sweat, Under Armour, Salonpas, Sony and Garmin, to name a few. A Pocari Sweat spokesperson told Marketing that the brand worked with the organisers to ensure sufficient supply of POCARI SWEAT were catered to the participants of the Sundown Marathon, and also provided all supplies to the organisers for deployment on race day. Marketing has reached out to OSIM and other sponsors for comment.

OSIM Sundown Marathon previously ran into issues in 2017. Then event organiser, HiVelocity also took to Facebook to apologise for the delay in collection of race packs. The delay, which angered many participants, was said to be approximately two to three hours. Adrian Mok, founder of Sundown Marathon and managing director at HiVelocity said in a Facebook post that the delay was due to late arrival of shipment for the special printers to print race bibs.

In that same year, StanChart Marathon was also hit with netizens criticism following several issues at the event. Organisers of the event put up a statement on Facebook, apologising and explaining for the hiccups. Runners raised issues such as delays in baggage deposit process and lack of finisher tee sizes. The marathon also drew flak for connection issues faced on its mobile app which tracks the distance ran by runner and their location in real time.