The top 10 most iconic brand tweeters at the Oscars

With all eyes on the 86th annual Academy Award last night, it’s no surprise brands were scrambling to be part of the social media juggernaught the event has become.

Oscars live tweeters were out in full force. For instance, the epic selfie by event host Ellen DeGeneres with stars such as Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto even surpassed president Barack Obama’s victory tweet when he got re-appointed as president.

Here’s our pick of good as well as terrible (mostly) tweets by brands from #Oscars:

The good:

1. Dove Chocolate

It’s hard to fail when you have an iconic face on your Oscars tweets like Dove Chocolate did.

2. Lipton Tea
Pun-ny is the way to go, just like Lipton Tea did with this tweet and the Gravity movie.

3. Chobani
If puns don’t do it, how about going bitchy, Hollywood-style?

4. Olay
Safe and classy did it for Olay with these tweets:

5. Pepsi
How about playing on classic movie quotes like Pepsi did in a throwback to Dirty Dancing?

6. Red Bull
Red Bull’s red on red tweet for the red carpet was nicely done as well:

The terrible

7. Lay’s
Lay’s created a video dedicated to Oscars – unfortunately the irony is it runs more like a student’s grad project (and at the most watched movie award show too!)

8. Snickers
As much as I adore the chocolate bar, the image gives me no impulse to break the emergency glass.

9. Snapple
And may the paparazzi forgive the brand with the most boring and tacky image – Snapple:

10. Dairy Queen
And the worse tweet award has to go to this one, a haunting spoon trophy by Dairy Queen – here’s one cliff hanger that doesn’t leave you wanting more.

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