Oracle and LinkedIn unveil new product integration

Oracle has partnered with LinkedIn, resulting in a new product integration between its Oracle Marketing Cloud and LinkedIn Campaign Manager. According to a press statement, this is to help marketers generation high-quality leads at scale and maximise the ROI of lead generation campaigns.

This integration allows marketers to enhance their account based marketing strategies. Marketers will be able to leverage the insights delivered by the new integration to help convert unknown prospects into known buyers, retarget buyers with relevant digital ads, and enrich buyer profiles and optimise digital ad spend on LinkedIn.

It will also enables Oracle Marketing Cloud customers to integrate data from more than 467 million LinkedIn users, in a privacy-forward way, into existing marketing campaigns to reach and engage ideal buyers on the professional social network. The product integration will also enable marketers to personalise and orchestrate campaigns across multiple channels including email, websites and digital ads.

“Matched Audiences gets us closer to that goal by enabling us to give marketers custom ways to combine LinkedIn’s powerful professional data with their own first-party data. Our product integration with Oracle was key to helping make that happen for Oracle Eloqua customers,” Russ Glass, vice president of product, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, said.

“By enabling marketers to seamlessly integrate data from more than 467 million LinkedIn users, we are able to provide powerful customer insights that can transform lead generation campaigns. The new product integration between Oracle Eloqua and LinkedIn Campaign Manager can ultimately help marketers enhance the customer experience and increase revenues,” Laura Ipsen, general manager and senior vice president, Oracle Marketing Cloud, said.