Why you should pay attention to Carousel Ads

From the time Carousel Ads were available, businesses have seen a 30-50% reduction in cost per conversion and 20-30% lower costs per click compared to the single-image link ads on Facebook.

So what are these Carousel Ads?

In the English dictionary, the word ‘carousel’ means a conveyor system at an airport from which arriving passengers collect their luggage. Just like the carousel at the airport, the images in a Carousel Ad also keep sliding one after another for one to click and choose.

Carousel Ads help businesses reach out to customers with varying needs through a single ad. For example, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf can showcase their holiday specials like beverages, party packs and cakes in a carousel format.

Carousel Ads help you tell impactful stories about your brand, products or services ”that lead to meaningful results for your business,” while reducing your cost-per-conversion and the cost-per-click. The images used in Carousel Ads are also known as Carousel Cards. Each Carousel Card is made up of an image, a headline, and a link or a call-to-action.

Here’s how marketers are achieving their business goals with Carousel Ads.

  1. Encouraging customers to install apps:

Mobile app developers are using this ad format (accessible for link ads in the ads API, Power Editor and Ads Create Tool) to develop ads for engagement and app installation. A great example is Foodpanda’s app, which improved its click-through rates by 180% and decreased its cost per install by 39%.

foodpanda copy

  1. Showcasing specific features of a newly launched product:

Customers were shown the MINI Hardtop 4 Door features as MINI unfolded its story via Carousel Advertising.


  1. Introducing season or theme-specific collections:

Neiman Marcus experienced 3X more conversions and 85% better click-through rates by displaying their Spring Shoe & Handbag Collection on Facebook.


Similarly, Banana Republic used the Carousel ad format to promote its “clothes that you would borrow from your boyfriend” collection on Instagram.


  1. Bolstering Lead Generation

MVMT Watches increased click-through rates by 75% by channelizing its Carousel Ads to people who had visited its website.


  1. Creating the Panogram:

GMC used Carousel Ads to reveal a widescreen panoramic experience, called the Panogram, for its viewers on Instagram.


  1. Engaging viewers beyond the screens:

Showtime gave ‘Penny Dreadful’ viewers the opportunity to watch its complete catalog of video clips including behind-the-scene videos through Carousel Advertising on Instagram.


One advantage of Carousel Ads is that they provide insights about your ads’ performance, allowing Facebook to optimise the placing of your images based on expected performance and engagement. There has been an increase of about 12% in the click-through rates because of this feature.

The writer is Kanchan Lad, Head of Project Delivery at Happy Marketer.