Online data is prone to theft - Campaigns & Grey and NPC warn Filipinos

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) collaborated with Campaigns & Grey (C&G) to educate Filipinos on our right to data privacy.

“Data privacy is now a mainstream issue, it’s not a splinter issue. Slowly but surely, Filipinos are now realizing how data privacy and security is impacting their daily lives,” said Raymund Enriquez Liboro, Commissioner and Chairman of NPC. “A year ago, we conducted our own survey, and we found out that 94% of Filipinos are actually interested in knowing how personal data are being processed."

NPC celebrated Privacy Awareness Week recently and wanted to raise more awareness on online theft and that data privacy rights should be properly exercised.

“Campaigns & Grey is one with National Privacy Commission in making Filipinos realize that their online data could be stolen any time,” said Eugene Demata, Chief Creative Officer of C&G. “We want to be direct, but still strategic, in spreading the message that online theft is now a global issue that we must act on.”

With the line Once Taken, Impossible to Take Back— Protect your Online Data, C&G visualized online data theft in a simple but effective way.

“The poster which C&G made in support of our mission to promote global standards for data privacy and protection has a very simple approach to it,” said Liboro. “The message is very powerful and straightforward. And most importantly, it will deliver results.”

The poster will be placed in schools, offices, malls, central business districts, and internet cafés to remind people every day that online data is vulnerable to theft, and teach them how to protect it.