ONE FM 91.3 flaunts new logo and tagline

SPH Radio’s ONE FM 91.3 has unveiled its new logo and tagline. It has also switched up its tagline from "Real Win" to "Good times, Greatest Hits", attributing it to what the radio station stands for.

The latest refresh aims to indulge its listeners with greatest and passionate hits from the 80's to present day, picked by the fans. In line with this revamp, ONE FM 91.3 has launched a songs nomination contest for its fans to vote for their favourite songs which will then be added to the radio's on-air playlist.

The latest refresh looks to give the station a fun and dynamic look, which better projects what ONE FM 91.3 truly is - a station that frequently indulges in a grown-up kind of fun and entertainment. This includes playing all the greatest and most passionate hits from the 80’s to present day, as chosen by the fans.

“We’re excited to find out what the fans want to hear and we aim to give them just that. Our new tagline says its all, GOOD TIMES, GREATEST HITS,” Jamie Meldrum, senior programming director of ONE FM 91.3 and Kiss92 said.

Marketing has reached out to ONE FM 91.3 for more details.