ONE Championship sees growth in TV viewership

In data released by Nielsen, Facebook and Repucom, ONE Championship has shown exponential growth from 2014 to 2017 (based on Q1) in terms of social media engagement and TV viewership.

Established in 2011, ONE has brought viewership to 60 countries to more than 118 countries globally. By partnering with the large television networks in the region and across the world, ONE Championship has also made sure that its content is readily available.

According to the company, deals with networks like FOX Sports, and the like, has brought ONE Championship’s unique brand of MMA action to a wide audience.

The data shows that ONE has come from 352 million social media impressions to 4 billion, marking an increase of over 11 times the previous tally. With the rise of digital and online video, ONE has also catapulted their numbers from 312 thousand to a whopping 314 million.

Furthermore, the annual TV broadcast per country and the peak TV ratings share numbers have increased dramatically based on the data. From an average of just 12-18 hours of TV broadcast in 2014, ONE has increased that number to 100-1800 hours. It has also seen its peak TV ratings share spike to 11-20% from 1-2% just three years ago.



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