On-Target launches FlashRewards

Local integrated CRM/loyalty-led communications agency On-Target Marketing Solutions has launched FlashRewards, a mobile app that acts as an e-wallet on smartphones, storing and organising loyalty cards.

With the app, users can do away with physical loyalty cards and view their accumulated points or stamps on their smartphones. The app allows for different types of loyalty programmes to be run, whether points, stamps or pre-paid card based.

The app was developed and successfully introduced in Australia by Pointpal and has already proved to be a success across over 650 outlets in other markets

“We’re truly excited and believe FlashRewards is one of the tools that will shape the future of loyalty schemes in this country,” said On-Target Marketing Solutions managing director Salim Khubchandani.

Brands can now offer loyalty programmes with no upfront investments being required to be made in software or equipment. Bar-coded cards of already existing programmes can be migrated to FlashRewards. The app also has a messaging platform for merchants and brands to build one-to-one customer relationships with data collected and analytics on transactional and consumer behaviour.

The app also gives brands or participating retail merchants real-time access to campaign data and access to their consumers with customized offers.

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